• “Gratitude is a very noble quality. It enables you to develop empathy, reach heights of self-awareness, growth, well-being and fulfilment.”

    Srinivas Arka

It is my great pleasure to pen this message on the first anniversary celebrations of the Arka Maha Ganapathy meditation and cultural group which took place on the 21st of October 2011. This group has been successfully organized and takes part in intuitive meditation with complementary music and dance to accompany, also providing educational talks which have been given by Srinivas Arka during the past year, which has been warmly received by devotees from all walks of life.

I have fond memories of my recent performance comprising compositions on Arka Maha Ganapathy organized by the group on the 16th September this year. It was beautifully accompanied by Jalatharan on violin, Balamurugan on Mirdangam and Srinivasan on Morsing. Music is universally regarded as being divine for it liberates us from the profanity of daily life. In this sense the group has achieved enormous success within a short period of time.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to my dearest colleague and musician Mrs. Priyadarshana, her family, and friends who organize these events with great dignity and devotion.

I am also humbled to learn the CD of chant, I sung and recorded in 21 raagams of Arka Maha Ganapathy has been well received.

I also believe in the modern day life it is more than important to create this very necessary work of spiritual awareness, cultivate positive thoughts and energy for mankind.


On Friday 17th August 2012 , we attended the 23rd Arka Mahaganapathy event which was held in Mitcham London. On our arrival we were greeted by members and volunteers with the melodic music playing in the background composed by Srinivas Arka Ji.

I was amazed to see that the event was actually being run by the younger generation without hardly any involvement from any elders. The event started with the angelic voice of a young girl reciting a hymn and then went on with topics from poetry to information regarding health from doctors who specialise in that field.

After a short interval which included food and drink, we were then treated to some more singing and then Our founder and Chairman of the Arka Mahaganapathy Charity and the Centre for Conscious Awareness UK gave us a talk.

Prior to the talk, I was asked to say a few words and in short wished them all the success with their future events and congratulated everyone for the success of their 23rd event.

Having concluded the event with Arka Dhyana, I can say it was a most memorable and enjoyable evening and once again wish them all the best for the future and hope they carry on the message of London which was to Inspire a Generation, which they certainly are.

Warm Regards

Surjit Singh
Kms Accountancy

Dear Founder, my name is Jaganiya Shiyam Shankar and I am 13 years old. I take part in Arka Maha Ganapathy Charity in Mitcham. I wanted to share my work with you because I wanted your opinion on my work. I do presentations on the topics I chose. My first topic is on The Petals Of The Heart book and I chose the quote that stood out to me the most. My second on is about Family and I am working on my third one. It is about Nature. I really like working with this charity because it helps me to get over my shyness and to share my work with everyone. I feel so lucky to participate in this Charity.

Thank you,


15th April 2011 at regular monthly gathering -

I really enjoyed being there and felt very much rewarded when I left. It was very impressive, to see the event organised so well and the number of youngsters. Involvement with such organisations like yours gives spiritual strength to youngsters and positive strategies like Mediation and Arka Methods.

I was blessed to speak in presence of Srinivas Arka and once again thank you for the opportunity given and well done of your commitment and Charitable contributions.

Kind Regards,

Dr Malar Baheerathan - MBBS - DPM (MRC Psych)

Dear Arka Mahaganapathy,

I would like to thank Mrs Priyadharshana Yogarajah for inviting me on the 20th May 2011 to the South Mitcham Community Association for an evening of music and dance.

I was witness to the knowledge and dance skills handed down to her student, Miss Reena Naidu, by Mrs Rajni Rajagopal, the world renowned Tamil Dance supremo, The music, dance and yoga which promotes physical and emotional well-being is truly a gift in an age where stress and targets go hand in hand.

As a practising Hindu, it was a bonus to leave feeling tranquil and empowered.

May Lord Ganapathy's Blessing be in abundence upon all your members.

Rathy Alagaratnam
Parliamentry Candidate for Mitcham and Morden 2010.